Past and Current Infectious Disease Outbreak Responses

The fourth installment of a series of six virtual conferences, "In what ways did the past infectious disease outbreak response impact the current COVID response: Lessons Learned?" which results from a collaboration between Dr. Jude Mary Cénat and his colleagues from the University of Western Ontario, the University of Hong Kong, York University and other […]

Infectious Diseases: What has been the impact of outbreaks on the use of health services?

Welcome to the second conference of our colloquium series, Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Social Sciences at the Heart of Surveillance, Prevention and Intervention Strategies. We had the chance to hear insights from Dr. Celestin Hategeka (Harvard University), Dr. Karen Grépin (University of Hong Kong) and Dr. Rochelle Frounfelker (McGill University) on: What has been the impact […]

York Circle @ Home - COVID-19 vaccine: Production, policy, politics

Eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the global race for a vaccine wages on. In this relevant panel discussion, infectious disease, immunology and health policy experts explore the sociological and scientific implications of securing a safe and accessible vaccine. Dr. Gillian Wu, an immunologist and retired professor, and Vivian Saridakis, Associate Professor, Biology, address pressing […]

Scholars' Hub: An Urban Pandemic? COVID-19 in a world of cities

Scholars' Hub: An Urban Pandemic? COVID-19 in a world of cities Executive Director of Alumni Engagement Julie Lafford hosts our first virtual Scholars’ Hub session with York experts Roger Keil, professor at the Faculty of Environmental Studies, and Seyed “Harris” Ali, professor in Sociology. Together they address questions and discuss the topic “An Urban Pandemic? […]